Sign Application Process

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Sign Application Process

Within the corporate limits of the City, it shall be unlawful for any person, property owner, or building or sign contractor to: erect, post, display, construct, enlarge, move, maintain, substantially change, alter, utilize, convert, or replace any non-exempted sign, without first securing zoning review and written approval from the Development Manager (Planning and Zoning Department), and when applicable, a building permit from the Building Official, to do so.

For the specific text pertaining to Sign Standards, see the webpage section under Planning & Zoning, Ordinances and Land Development Regulations – Article 2 for definitions; and Article 4, Section 4.19.20 for standards.

A codified copy of the 4.19.20 Sign Standards section is also posted below.

Proposed signage is generally governed by the Zoning of the property, as well as other specific criteria. Official Zoning data may be obtained from the Development Manager.

The City of Live Oak finds that the size, number, allowances, design characteristics, and locations (as well as other criteria) of signs in the City directly affect the public health, safety, welfare, property values and aesthetic attractiveness and character of the community.  There are also state laws which may apply to your location which the City follows and enforces.

Since proposed signage, within the City Limits of Live Oak, is subject to local zoning related laws, the Planning and Zoning Department is your one-stop source for sign related answers and review. Locations outside the city limits will go through the appropriate Suwannee County offices that are separate from ours. 

In many cases, the current Building Official, Dave Young, will also need to issue you a building permit prior to the erection of your sign. You may contact him at 386-362-2276 to find out if your proposed sign or sign modification will require a building permit.

All signs are reviewed first for zoning compliance, and then subsequently for building code requirements. These offices work together to ensure that applications are processed timely. Most reviews and approvals/permits can be completed within 10 working days, so long as all the necessary documents are submitted.

To apply for a sign, please review the brochure and then complete all sections of the P&Z Sign Zoning Review Application and submit to the Planning and Zoning Department, with the appropriate review fee. If your sign will also require a building permit, the same application will be utilized for that and you will be notified as to additional documents which are required.

Separate Zoning Review and Building Permit fees may apply.  

Certain temporary signage may not require an application to be filed – just call or email and we will let you know.

All sign related questions are to be directed to Planning and Zoning, 386.362.2276 or via email –

The following pdf’s are provided as a resource regarding the Sign Regulations.