Land Use, Zoning and Other Public Hearing Matters

George Curtis, Director
Planning and Zoning
City of Live Oak, Florida

416 Howard Street East
Live Oak, Florida 32064
Phone: (386) 362-2276
Fax: (386) 362-4305

Disclaimer: According to Florida Public Records Law, email correspondence to and from the City of Live Oak, including email addresses and other personal information, is public record and must be made available to the public and media upon request, unless otherwise exempt by the Public Records Law. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

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Land Use, Zoning and Other Public Hearing Matters


  • Please contact the City Development Manager for applications and information pertaining to public hearing requests.
  • See also below the Public Hearing Application Processing Schedule and deadlines for application.
  • See also below the Planning Fee Schedule for a list of associated application fees.

Our City has both a Future Land Use Plan Map of the Comprehensive Plan, and a Zoning Atlas, of the Land Development Regulations.

Each parcel or portion thereof of land in the City has, by action of Law, a Future Land Use Classification and an associated Zoning District assigned to it.

This is also true for parcels in Suwannee County, which are outside the City Limits – however, they have their own set of maps and regulations which differ from that of the City.

Our City offices have jurisdiction ONLY over the incorporated City Limits of Live Oak. For properties outside of the City Limits – contact Suwannee County or the Town of Branford staff.

The land use and zoning classification or district, according to what is written in the Plan and/or Regulations and on associated maps adopted by ordinance, is what allows or disallows all uses, building/development, business and land use activities in the City.

If you are seeking to apply to change (amend) one or both of these map designations, or if you would like more information about this subject, please contact the Development Manager. All proposed map amendments must conform to the standards in the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations. There are standard fees which apply to have various matters placed on a Public Hearing Agenda for consideration and a vote. There is no refund of any fees once paid and processing/advertising has been initiated. Requests may be approved, approved with added conditions, denied, or tabled for additional information gathering.

There are 5 processing cycles a year. See the Development Manager for a determination of when the next cycle begins and what the application deadlines are, or see the document below. Processing times for public hearings can be between 60 to 180 days depending on application date and related cycle, or greater number of days if transmittal to State Agencies is required for a review and comment period.

Other actions require a public hearing as well, including: Variances, Special Exceptions, Subdivision Plats, Annexation, etc. Application schedules, deadlines and associated fees also apply to these requests. Applications are on standard forms as provided by the City Planning and Zoning Office.

Each application begins with a pre-application meeting with the Development Manager to discuss your options. Please contact George Curtis, Development Manager, or Christian Dixon, Planning Assistant, at the City Hall Annex, to set up one of these meetings.

If your property is outside the city limits, and it is contiguous to the limits, you can apply for voluntary annexation, and then concurrently you must also apply to change the land use and zoning designations from ‘County’ to ‘City’ classifications.

Any properties which have previously annexed into the City of Live Oak, which have not submitted an application for a Land Use and/or Zoning change, cannot be issued a building permit until this process is completed.

If you need to know the land use or zoning of any property, call 386-362-2276 and ask for George Curtis. Please have the whole property parcel ID/PIN number handy so we can look up the parcel in question. Zoning cannot be given out over the phone, so please be prepared to provide a mailing address, fax number or email address for the City’s written response to your request.