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Commercial and Residential Development Reviews

*** NOTICE ***

New housing standards have been adopted for the City.

It is recommended that you contact the Development Manager prior to acquiring or sub-dividing any property, having construction plans created, or purchasing or securing any types of housing intended to be located, relocated, replaced or established, etc. in the City Limits.

All housing must be approved first by the Zoning Department before applying for permits. Permit applications are being updated and will be posted to this site ASAP.

The office of the Development Manager is your one-stop-shopping location for all proposed or existing residential and commercial development in the City of Live Oak.

Commercial Plan Review is required for all commercial development. This includes all properties in the City, public and private. All residential housing must also go through zoning review prior to building permit application.

A note on all development, whether Commercial or Residential. The City Comprehensive Plan states in part “The City shall require that no sanitary sewer facility, [including Septic Tanks/Package Plants] have any discharge of primary treated effluent into designated high groundwater aquifer recharge areas…”

The most recent data from the Suwannee River Water Management District shows that the entire incorporated city limits are within this ‘high recharge area’. If your Commercial or Residential Development is proposed to use a Septic System or Package Plant, please contact the Development Manager for more information. There are very few opportunities for new septic systems to be allowed.

Commercial Development includes, but is not limited to:

  • Annexation;
  • Subdivision;
  • Improvements to be dedicated to the public, including roads, drainage areas, sidewalks, parks, utility systems, etc., which will serve a new or existing development.
  • Conversion or expansion of an existing building or business establishment, including changes in capacity;
  • In some instances the occupancy of a building or site with a new business use or occupancy of a site which has been vacant 6 or more months;
  • Additional structures, including buildings, sheds, carports and additions, or signage at an existing location;
  • A new business at an existing location;
  • New construction and/or site work (clearing, grading, roads, driveways, utilities, drainage, parking) & also including all signage, on a vacant or improved parcel; and
  • Renovations of or to an existing building.

The City’s Comprehensive Plan does require that all multi-family (tri-plex and up), mobile home park and subdivision development meet school concurrency level-of-service standards, and to be granted a Concurrency Reservation by the School Board, prior to being considered or reviewed by the local governing authority.

This requirement must be met for all development which will increase residential density on a parcel(s), and applies to all cities, towns, and counties in the state. Each school district and School Board oversees the availability of student stations and the determination and reservation for developments. The Suwannee County School Board is currently updating their website to include an online application for a Concurrency Determination. Additional information regarding this is available from the office of the City Development Manager.

Important Note:

Proposed establishments identified as sweepstakes, internet or phone card cafes, etc. shall be permitted as Commercial Recreational Facilities in completely enclosed, soundproof buildings, in:

  • Commercial-General (C-G),
  • Commercial-Intensive (C-I), and
  • Commercial – Shopping Center (CSC).

With a required parking standard of one (1) parking space per machine, PC, or kiosk station, for the first 15; and one additional parking space for every 3 machines, PCs, or kiosk stations over the first 15.

New establishments in vacant buildings or expanded at existing business locations will be required to demonstrate or expand the available parking to accommodate such use.

Please see the Development Manager for any additional criteria which may apply.

Following below you will find various documents. These are provided for informational purposes, so are subject to update and correction if not the most current version. See the Development Manager or Building Official for specific information on your project.